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An ongoing series of informational articles

Questions to ask your financial advisor:

When do you think that I can retire, and what are my options?

Do I have enough money to retire?

What should my retirement goals be?

What do you think of my current financial plan for retirement?

How much can I spend in retirement? Will I be able to keep up my lifestyle?

How will I fund my lifestyle once I have retired?

What will taxes be like for me in retirement?

How long will my money last before I run out of income?

What can you do to help me be ready for major financial risks in retirement?

I have a pension. What could happen if something happened to my old employer or if my pension benefits were cut?

When should I take Social Security benefits?

What should I know and do about Medicare and health coverage in general?

What can healthcare cost me throughout my retirement years?

What do you do to help my retirement plan keep up with inflation?

What can happen if I retire in a recession or market crash? How do we plan for that?

What are some other ‘bad situations’ to keep in mind, and how can you help you plan for those scenarios?

Say I choose to delay retirement or keep working. What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing that?

What can we do to ensure that my spouse or I have sufficient financial resources in place should one of us pass away?

How much could long-term care cost us in retirement? How likely are we to need some sort of long-term care support?

What sort of life changes have you seen other people experience in retirement?

What do you think of my estate plan?

What else can I do to prepare for retirement?

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